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Twist: Bavarian Politics

Politics in Bavaria

Photo By Angelique Stevens: Politics in Bavaria

At first glance it is just a cool political billboard. But then I noticed the US Airforce Bomber–on the side of the corrupt government. Further observation led me to the sign that says “Nobelpries fur Snowden” (Nobel Prize for Snowden). As an American stationed by the US Army, this was not a pleasant reality check.  I saw this campaign ad shortly after finding out that Bavaria will no longer issue International Drivers Permits to US Department of Defense personnel or dependents–which means that we cannot drive beyond the borders of Germany.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Photograph taken with my Samsung Galaxy S Note III

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move


Meet our pooch, Liberty. She won’t fetch on land, but she could spend hours fetching that duck in water.

This was taken at a little pond at Fort Carson in Colorado with my Fujifilm FinePix S Camera

 Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring Leaves
Spring Leaves
Spring Leaves Photo by Angelique Stevens

Spring always make me take stock of where I’m at in life and where I want to be by year’s end.  I often get a different perspective of my life during these spring-time musings.  I took this photo last spring in Colorado Springs, Co shortly after updating my landscaping.  I was kneeling under this tree, felt the warmth of the sun, and looked up.  It made realize that as an adult I often forget about alternative perspectives.

I miss this tree, because after this day I often looked up into her branches while tending to the flowers and weeds below.  Through the summer she was full of those lacy elegant leaves–so thick that I could no longer see the sky.  By November,  she had shed all of her delicate leaves.  I would study her branches closely again in March for the first sign of a budding leaf.

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S

Weekly Photo Challenge @ The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Letters)

The Press--San Jose, CA

The Press–San Jose, CA   Photo By Angelique Stevens

Camera:  T-Mobile My Touch smart phone.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge