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Overload in the Circuits

Photosynthesis, Cellular respiration, Frankenstein, Hemingway, a mind that bleeds, college project, hallmark awards, essays, disjointed thoughts, lists of words, grocery list, biology, oncology, braces, appointments, back ache, neck ache, headache! Not only do I not have time to write, but my attention is pulled in a thousand directions. Things with due dates, forgotten things, things I want to do, things I will do. I could sing the woe is me song for days to no avail. Commitments are made, and I must abide.

Some day I will sing the victory song. Old and feeble, I will stand proud and Sing, I LIVED my life! I lived through the chaos, the joys, the accomplishments, the failures, the sadness. I LIVED my life! I lived through the fears, the tears, the laughter, and the triumphs. I LIVED my life!

But today, today I sing Woe is me.