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Remembering Maya Angelou

I would just like to take a moment to honor one of the greatest women of our time: Maya Angelou.

I was first introduced to “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” in high school. The images of her traveling by train with her brother as still as vivid today as they were when I first read the story.

I started reading her poetry when I was about 18 and still re-read her poems today. She is not only a refined writer, but she is also a woman who used her talents to bring change–for the better that is.

Though many of her poems focus on her race, they tell the truth about any person who has had to struggle in a racially and ethnically challenged environment.

As a woman, her poetry speaks to my desire for complete equality, but not at the expense of destroying men as many modern feminists preach.

She was (and always will be) a woman of grace, a woman of morals, and a woman of peace.

Thank you Ms. Angelou for the many years of work, service, and love that you brought to the world.

ADHD and Homework


Sometimes I really do not know how I have managed to achieve that glorious 3.9 GPA. Yes, I have ADHD…in a pretty bad way. I tried taking medication once but had an allergic reaction to it and have been too afraid to try a new medication. I got to this point in my education without medication, so I am sure that I can finish school without it. My problem is that my work space is just too damn distracting! Don’t get me wrong here, my office space is private, well-organized, and soothing. My problem is the computer. I have one desk and right in front of me every time I sit down to do my studies or homework, I see the monitor. Usually I begin my homework after checking e-mails, Facebook, Google+, and other various media like the news. I know I could just turn it off when I’m done, but what if I miss something important? I know you are sitting there in your favorite computing spot, saying “what’s wrong with you?” I ask myself that same question every time I feel the urge to turn on the computer. That IS the distraction! The urge to turn on the computer…just in case. I feel a new home project coming on this summer…revamping my office space. I need a desk in front of the window that faces out onto my lovely front yard. A desk with nothing on it except maybe a pen holder, a lamp, and a box of tissues (for my allergies). No distracting file folders, computer screens, or books. Just a solid, plain surface for working. Perhaps then I will create a masterpiece to publish. Then I will get my homework done in a couple of hours rather than the 4 or 5 it takes me now. Perhaps then and only then, my ADHD will leave me alone.