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Thank You Readers!

200 Follows!

Congratulations on getting 200 total follows on
Live Life. Create Dreams.!
Your current tally is 203.
Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who read my blog. I am honored to be included on your reader feed. I did not start this blog in order to gain “followers” or to earn money. I started this blog because I love to read blogs and I love writing. This blog gave me a platform for my creative spirit. After a time, I found that I had become a better writer and more creative. This blog and all of my readers have become my inspiration–my muse. Thank you.
And now I shall begin…
I had not been paying attention to my stats lately. I am always happy to welcome a new reader, or visit blogs of those who have taken the time to visit and “Like” a post, but the stats just never seemed to matter. A few months ago, I received a notification that I had received my 500th “like,” but even though I smiled when I saw it, it did not change how I feel about myself or my blog.
However, for some reason this particular notification struck me as odd in a way. First of all, I never consider the people who follow this blog to be “followers”–I consider all of you to be readers and fellow bloggers, poets, DIYers, photographers, dreamers and livers of life. We are all creative people who have something in common. Secondly, this notification was unexpected. As I said, I do not pay much attention to my stats, so when I saw this, I thought, “Really? 200 people actually enjoy my blog enough to see it in their daily reader feed?”
This prompted me to review my blog. What is it that draws people to it? It’s a mess in my opinion. I am extremely eclectic, so unlike most of your blogs and other bloggers on WP, my blog does not have a central theme or focus. That is unless you consider the theme and focus to be creativity. I would say that I am a creative person, even if my creativity happens to be eclectic. I suppose there is a little bit of everything except politics and religion on my blog. After all, life does not happen in tidy little themes and is anything but a focused topic! Last week I was considering starting a new blog titled “Chic by Angelique” in which I would post my DIY, Interior Decorating, and projects. It would have a theme. It would be focused. But then I thought, “what about my photography, poems, and musings? Where would I post them?”
I’ve been at this juncture before. I even wrote a post about it (oddly enough, it was exactly one year ago). Do I exit now or stay the course? I have finally made a decision. I will keep this blog as it is–chaos and all–but, because I eventually want to continue selling unique pieces when I return to the states, I will also post to Chic by Angelique. Eventually I would like to have a booth at a flea market or antique mall. Before we received orders to move to Germany, I had already made plans to open a booth. I even had cards and a large advertising car magnet made. I even had a website at one point. So, moving all of the DIY posts to the new blog is next on my agenda. Thanks to WordPress, the transfer of my current posts is seemless and easy. But don’t worry–I will also post them here!
Again, I thank you all for reading and hope that I can continue to entertain you. Whether it is my muttering musings, my poetry, my projects, my obsession with interior decorating, my scholarly writings, or something else that drew you to my blog, I appreciate you!

Blogging Dilemma: The Eclectic Blog

I have a blogging dilemma. My blog is eclectic, because I am a woman of many interests.

Most of the blogs that I read are streamlined and focused on one general topic. There are blogs that give household tips, decor advice, and DIY tutorials. There are the blogs about travel which include plenty of information on travelling,  adventures in new places, and are full of photos.  Some writers have blogs that include writing tips, samples of their fiction, and poetry.  Some bloggers simply write about life in general–what their thoughts are on local, national, and international events, humanity, society, and quips about daily life experiences.

Then there is my blog.

It doesn’t have one genre.  I post furniture & decor projects, interior decorating that I’ve done to include home improvement. I post my musings, poetry, photography, scholarly writing and other various writing. I have just started sharing about my adventures of moving to and living in Germany and will be posting a lot of travel related writing.  I post about life–big and little moments.

I came across a post from The Daily Post’s “Blogging 201” series the other day.  Blogging 201, Day One: Set Three Goals encourages the blogger to “consider what you want to accomplish with your blog.”

When I first started my blog, my intentions were to share my writing and musings.  Then I began posting my DIY home improvement projects, furniture makeovers, and various crafts.  It has grown into an eclectic mess.

Do I simply leave it as is? Should I have two or three different blogs?

Tell me what you think I should do!


WordPress Display Names vs Usernames

A Lesson For All


Sometime last year–I have no idea when–I decided to fill in the Display Name option on my WordPress Profile with my real name.  I did this because I eventually want to publish the poetry collection I have been working on.

Thanks to an interested blogger, who was interested in a comment that I left on a blog, I found out that the Display Name directed the user to the wrong URL instead of linking them to my blog.  Now I wonder how many people have tried to access my blog through comments that I’ve left.  How many possible followers have been lost to me?

Well, after several HOURS of trying to fix the problem, a friend of mine said “delete the Display Name” and wouldn’t you know it–it worked! So now I am livelifecreatedreams instead of Angelique Stevens. Oh well. At least NOW people can get to my blog!


I Fell Into a Whirlwind of Crazy

I know it has been awhile since I have updated this blog, and for those of you who actually followed it and read it—I give you my sincerest apologies.  If you even bother at all to read this, I am very very grateful!

I did not fall of the planet, but I did fall into a whirlwind of chaos.  I was supposed to share my experience of updating our home before we left for Germany.  I even have two blog drafts that I never got around to completing! Well, after my last post, things became hectic.  I started my first semester at UCCS–and it was TOUGH! Tons of papers had to be written for my classes, I had to run around town returning cable boxes, modems, picking up medical records, getting the dogs ready for international travel, getting the kids and myself check-ups for international travel, and running up to Denver twice to get our passports in order.  We also traded in “Cherry,” my Chevy HHR for a Honda Odyssey. There seemed to be a million and one things in my way.

So what did we accomplish? If you haven’t been reading, the Drab to Fab home improvement list can be found here.

We replaced the kitchen counter tops, sink, and faucet.  We painted the kitchen cabinets and replaced the ceiling light fixture.  We tiled the family room (all 340 sq feet).  We replaced the vinyl flooring in the laundry/3rd bathroom and the kids bathroom.  We re-grouted the master bath and kids bath.  We re-glazed or re-surfaced the shower tubs and caulked all of the bathrooms.  We replaced the garage door openers (well hubby did that all by himself). We repainted the basement, kitchen, living room, dining room, and family room. We also replaced all of the outdoor light fixtures.  I’m sure there is much more that I left of the list.  We did it all in 4 months and went about $400 over our $8,000 budget. Here are some images that I did manage to take with the intention of blogging about all of this.

Tiling the family room
Tiling the family room
Our “New” Honda Odyssey
kids bath
Re-finishing the Kids Bath Sink with Rust-Oleum Counter Transformations
kitch light
New Kitchen Light Fixture
Backyard Landscaping–this is only the first of 2 deliveries.
Entry Light Pendant
Entry Light Pendant


Transitional Chandelier
Dining room Chandelier
New counters, sink faucet and a fresh paint job for the cabinets
New counters, sink faucet and a fresh paint job for the cabinets


I got all A's in 4 tough classes! The studying instead of blogging was worth it!
I got all A’s in 4 tough classes! The studying instead of blogging was worth it!

Traveling overseas for vacation is not this intense, but a military relocation overseas is ridiculously difficult! With all of the work in the house and all of the other “stuff” that needed to be done, there was no time for blogging. I didn’t have time to take very many pictures of the progress.

It took the packers 2 whole days to pack up the house and another whole day to load our stuff into crates.

Moving sucks.

Moving Day
Moving Day

We drove from Colorado Springs to the Dallas airport in the afternoon on January 7th.  What a whirlwind of crazy! We packed that minivan with 7 suitcases, two teenagers, two large dogs, and ourselves.

Just a "few" of our bags
Just a “few” of our bags

Looking back, I honestly don’t know how we made it to Germany without losing our minds.  After a very long flight to Frankfurt (9.5 hours), we still had a 4-hour drive to our duty station—and sleep.

Though we finally got into our housing on Jan 20, we are still not quite settled in.  Our car arrived safely one month after we did.  Let me tell you—grocery shopping without a car stinks! Sometimes we used the taxi, but it isn’t cheap, so we hauled our loaded bags on foot most of the time.

It was almost 3 full months before our household goods arrived.  Army loaner furniture=YUCK!  I am and always will be grateful for the furniture and borrowed kitchen items, but it certainly wasn’t ideal.  We didn’t even have internet for the first month.  Imagine teenagers with no TV, cell phones, computers, or video games for 1.5 months! Yup it was a picnic.

The house is now mostly unpacked and I have the internet, my car, and a growing wardrobe. I am almost satisfied.  I will have lots to share as we make a home in government housing, travel around Europe, and learn about the German way of life.  For now though, I am mostly happy and can’t wait to blog about our experiences over the past 2 months.


Welcome to Germany
Welcome to Germany