A Pretty Perch

Decoupaged folding chair with slip cover.
Decoupaged folding chair with slip cover.

I made this lovely chair to match my daughter’s room. Initially I bout four cloth shower curtains from Target to use as window drapes and matching bed pillows. I used the left-over fabric from the pillows to make a matching chair cover. I used her old red folding chair from Ikea, so it had to be painted to prevent the red from showing through the fabric. I used spray paint that is meant for plastic outdoor furniture. Let the paint dry overnight. or for at least 8 hours.

After the paint was completely dry, I positioned the fabric on the chair seat and cut around the edges, leaving a 1 inch “hem.”

The decoupage I like best is Mod Podge, but any brand will work. I start in the center, first applying the decoupage to the chair seat. Depending on the fabric, you may have to apply a heavy amount of glue. working from the center towards the front, I added the glue to the seat and smoothed the fabric over it. Repeat the process, working from the center to the back of the chair.

Apply glue to the sides of the chair and the underside of the chair lip, then pull the fabric over the sides and under the the lip.Apply Decoupage glue over the fabric on the underside and sides. Smooth out the fabric. Repeat for all sides. You may to be a little creative with the scissor here when cut slits near the legs.

Apply decoupage glue over seat surface, and use a slightly damp cloth to smooth over the seat and remove excess glue.

Allow to dry for 48 hours.

For the seat back, I used one piece of fabric, simply draped over the back of the chair. Make sure that the print is face up so that you know where the details are and how it will look when finished. Pin around outside edges, as close as you can to the seat back with out making it so tight that you cannot easily remove it.

Sew seams and hems. Trim excess fabric.

Voila! you have a custom chair!

Asian Inspiration


Grilled Beef Skirt Steak With Grilled Veggie & Arugula Salad

I marinated the beef overnight and brought it to about room temperature before grilling (about an hour). The grilled veggies include: Yellow and orange bell peppers, Onion, and tomatoes.  Grill the veggies about 30 minutes before you want to eat.  After grilling the veggies, let them cool a little (about 20 minutes) then start the meat.  The meat is thin, so it should only take about 8 minutes for grilling.  While the beef is grilling, Toss together the veggies  arugula, and the dressing. The dressing should just coat the salad. Meal can be served with rice.

I love to explore and experiment with foods, so I rarely have exact measurements of ingredients, which often leads to disappointment when I try to re-create an amazing dish. I will try to write down general measurements the next time I create a new recipe.

Marinade for beef:

Soy Sauce

Sesame Oil

Grated garlic

Grated Ginger

Fresh Ground Pepper

Salad Dressing:

Rice Wine Vinegar

White Wine Vinegar

Soy Sauce

Grated Garlic

Grated Ginger

Sesame Oil

Olive Oil

Toasted Sesame Seeds

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