Army Housing in Germany

Welcome to Army Housing!

This is a quick little tour of our bare bones Army Housing. Over the course of this year–and possibly into the next–I will transform each area into a home. There’s a big difference between a residence and a home, and no matter where the Army sends us, I always make a home in temporary housing.

Pardon the VERY poor quality of the pictures. I took them with my old T-Mobile My Touch in very poor lighting–and in a hurry, as we had only a short time to view the house. I’m glad I took these pics though, because as usual, I forgot to take better quality before photos of each room.

Here is the simple floor plan of our house.  I tried to use one of those free online floor planners–but I am not very adept at it. So, here is my floor plan Sims 3 style!

Almost Accurate Representation of Our Floor Plan--Made with The Sims 3

Almost Accurate Representation of Our Floor Plan–Made with The Sims 3 

And now it’s time for some very bad pictures! All of the furniture in the pictures are Army Issue. They are uncomfortable and not very much to look at, but at least it was something! We lived with this furniture from January 16-March 14th. I was never as grateful for my furniture as I am now!

I guess my front living room/sitting room is supposed to be a dining room…

Army Housing 002


The kitchen is Band New! Which makes it a bit easier to bear the fact that I remodeled the kitchen at Pennington House  just before we left.

Army Housing 001


I almost think that this space was supposed to be another closet. I call it the Entry Nook–and can’t wait to start this project! Ideas for this area can be seen here.

Army Housing 023


This is our HUGE pantry/Storage room. Right now it is a disaster, but as usual, I have ideas for optimal organization of this room.Army Housing 011


This is the laundry room.  I love all of the shelves.

Army Housing 005


I have no idea how the architects intended this space to be used, but we use it as a dining room.

Army Housing 033


This is the living room. It’s an odd room to fill because we have to contend with the back door, the hallway, and the radiator.

Army Housing 013


Let’s head up stairs, shall we?

Army Housing 028


My son’s bedroom. Yet another oddly designed room to deal with.

Army Housing 019


My Daughter’s bedroom. You can see her looking at the closet. After she checked it out, she argued with her brother about changing rooms because she wanted more closet space. We are talking about 4 inches of space here. She has finally given up, but only because I promised to help her organize her room with some items from Ikea.

Army Housing 018


The Kids’ Bathroom.

Army Housing 036


Just a basic linen closet.

Army Housing 027


The Office/Guest room.

Army Housing 029


The tiny Master Bedroom. This room also has a bathroom similar to the Kids’ bath.

Army Housing 034


That’s pretty much all there is to this house. Just the average utilitarian Army Issue House–But not for long!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Sorry if the pictures made you cringe. But trust me, even better quality images wouldn’t change the dullness of Army housing!

Stay tuned for more updates to the Drab Army Housing!

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