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Living for Someday

Living for Someday

We built a life together
And we live on someday.
Soon the storms we weather
Will pass away.

Someday there will be time
To play and rejoice
in our rhythm and rhyme.
Tomorrow is our voice.

Tomorrow has come and gone.
Someday was yesterday.
And today I am alone.
Tuesday, death took you away.

~For Tammy

Someday I will sing the victory song

Someday I will sing the victory song.
Old and feeble, I will stand proud and Sing,
I LIVED my life!

I lived through the chaos,
the joys,
the accomplishments,
the failures,
the sadness.
I LIVED my life!

I lived through the fears,
the tears,
the laughter,
and the triumphs.
I LIVED my life!

But today, today I sing the song of despair.

Time to Write

Have you ever noticed?

when profound thoughts come to mind
when that moment of lucidity strikes
when you are emotionally charged
when your fingers desire to
flick across those intimate plastic keys—

a hindrance to
fulfilling the desire—

the world works according to—
its own time
its own needs
its own demands

I have just these five minutes before I –
bend to the will of the clock
demands of my life
commitments I have made

at this moment I want
to let my thoughts escape
a brimming brain—

to find their way
from cortex to finger tips
where they are free


the timer tells me
to force my thoughts
into tidy boxes
to wait—

for time,