Boho Bistro

Are you ready for spring? I know that I am! Add a pop of color to your patio this spring with a DIY bistro set!

Boho Bistro Chair

These darling wrought iron chairs had chipped black enamel and rust, but I managed to save them from the dump with a little lot of elbow grease.

Using some WD-40 and a wire brush, I was able to scrub off the rust and remove loose enamel. I then scrubbed them down with a little soap and water and left them outside to dry before sanding down the rough areas with 80 grit sand paper. To further smooth out the metal, I gradually increased the grit to 100, 120, 150, and finally 220.

Now that the surface was decent, I used Rustoleum Gray primer for automobiles. I gave them two coats and lightly sanded with 180 grit between coats.

I let them cure for a few days while I decided on a color. At the time, we were living in Germany, where the sky tended to be gray most of the year. I needed a vibrant, happy color that would Pop even on dark, gray days. The selection of colors at the local Post Exchange was slim. I had the choice of primary red, yellow, green, and blue.  Though I loved the idea of red, the color was not bright enough for me, so I settled on Rustoleum Sun Yellow in Gloss. I worked slowly, and lightly sanded between each coat. I ended up using 2 cans of primer and 5 cans of the yellow paint.

Bistro Table Original

The chairs did come with a darling round bistro table, but it was beyond salvage. The rust was so bad that some areas were completely rotted through. I was bummed until I found this cute folding table at a thrift store. The top had a dark oak cherry and the legs were black. I loved that the curve of the feet mimicked the curved back of the chairs.

I sanded the top and removed some deep scratches, then used an antique white chalk paint on the table top. I was far from satisfied.


20170410_133448A quick trip to Joanne’s Fabrics solved my dilemma when I spotted this lovely summer outdoor fabric on clearance.

BohoBistro.3Later on, I found a cute stencil that reminded me of my trip to Morocco. It had finally come together!


I made the chair cushions and used the colors from the fabric on the table top. Once the top was finished, I sprayed it with to protect the surface. Though I would not leave it out in the rain, it provides protection against water rings from tall glasses of lemonade or iced tea.


This set is a lovely testament to warm weather, spring blossoms, and summer beverages.

Now get out there and brighten up your patio set! It is worth it.



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