Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


I haven’t particiopated in the Daily’s Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge in a while, but This Week’s challenge reminded my of some photos that I took last spring while on a hike in Grafenwoer, Germany.  This was an attempt at macro photogrophy using my Fuji Film FinePix S.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur”

    1. thank you. I was trying to learn how to take macro shots, and considered this to be a massive failure, but then I realized that it’s actualy not bad, considereing that I’m still learing how to to use my camera without the auto mode.


    1. Thanks! I’m still learning a lot about photography, so I usually consider most of my photos to be failures–with the excepion of a few that I know are good. But I suppose that if i like–then it’s good!


      1. Ever been to a professional photographer? They take a half dozen or so pictures, but the customer usually only buys one. The one they like. Also, the professional will spend hours at the computer adjusting those pictures to get them just right.

        I just came back from backpacking in Arizona, where I took hundreds of pictures, I will go through them and keep a few dozen. When you only get one shot at something, you don’t want to leave it to chance that you will take that great picture with your first shot.


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