The Job Interview

Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from the local DOD Elementary school, requesting an interview for the substitute teacher position.  I had applied for this job last fall.  I was certainly not expecting a phone call from them.  I had applied to over 20 job postings between last fall and January, and had not received one interview.  I know that it is primarily because I have not had a job in over 10 years. But, I have been a chauffeur, a chef, a nurse, a Chief Financial Officer, a secretary, a lawyer, a sales person (I have to work my sales magic on my husband to get things that I don’t need), and a maid for the past eighteen years.  Unfortunately, my experience at the Stevens Homestead LLC (Live Love Create) does not transfer into the “real” world. So, I had just about given hope of getting a job until I finish my BA and obtain my teaching credentials.

Regardless of the lack of interest in my mad skills and great personality, I bought a Power Suit–just in case someone decided that I was worthy enough to to talk to them. Funny how as it hung in my closet with the tags still on it, I had the urge to throw it out every time I needed something in far reaches of my wardrobe.  I kept meaning to get the pants hemmed, but after a while it seemed pointless.

My last job Interview was in 2003.  That’s right–it’s been 12 years! I was over the moon with joy when I was asked to come in for an interview–and terrified at the same time.  So, yesterday I Googled “Job Interview Question” and started practicing. I practiced in front of the mirror for two hours. I practiced sitting, standing, waiting, talking, and smiling. Seems lame, but as I became more comfortable being on “trial,” my confidence grew.  I printed out three copies of my Resume and references, put each one into a clear report cover, and then continued to memorize and practice my answers for another 2 hours.

After a rough night of tossing and turning as I tried to sleep, I got up early and started to prepare for my 1030am interview. by 0900 my hair was done and face was painted. It was time to put on the Power Suit. The pants were way too long! I realized then that I forgot to have the pants hemmed. I changed, ran down the stairs, grabbed the keys, and ran outside to the storage.  After about 2 minutes of rummaging I found my stash of New-Sew hem tape. I keep it around for quick fixes and projects like curtains (I used the tape on the brown drapes seen this post).  Thank God, I had just enough to hem my pants this morning!  I had the pants hemmed in less than 30 minutes! Once I was done hemming the pants, I got dressed and headed out the door.

Last Minute Hem Using Sew-Sew Hem Tape
Last Minute Hem Using Sew-Sew Hem Tape

I arrived 30 minutes early. I sat in the car and played Backgammon on my phone for 15 minutes.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s an old lady game–but in my defense, it was an old lady (my dad’s mother) who taught me how to play!

I walked in at 1015 and waited for my interview. I waited until 1050.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I will tell you that I ROCKED that interview!

He said “If I could hire you, I would, but I have to send my choices to HR and they will make the final decisions.”

Great–back to waiting for HR to decide if I am worthy.

It’s okay though, he said they are hiring 5 people, so my chances are good.

I am hoping to be one of the five new substitute teachers at the local elementary school. Stay tuned, I will let you all know in a couple of weeks whether or not I got the job.

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