WordPress Display Names vs Usernames

A Lesson For All


Sometime last year–I have no idea when–I decided to fill in the Display Name option on my WordPress Profile with my real name.  I did this because I eventually want to publish the poetry collection I have been working on.

Thanks to an interested blogger, who was interested in a comment that I left on a blog, I found out that the Display Name directed the user to the wrong URL instead of linking them to my blog.  Now I wonder how many people have tried to access my blog through comments that I’ve left.  How many possible followers have been lost to me?

Well, after several HOURS of trying to fix the problem, a friend of mine said “delete the Display Name” and wouldn’t you know it–it worked! So now I am livelifecreatedreams instead of Angelique Stevens. Oh well. At least NOW people can get to my blog!


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