From Drab To Fab: Days 10-14–Lighting Fiasco and Road Bumps–Rescued Post From My Drafts

**This post was originally written/saved last on August 25, 2013–Just before I started my heavy and tough course load at UCCS and began the moving process.

I have have been MIA Since I lost the battle with the Chandelier and I apologize. things at Casa Stevens have been crazy!

Day 10–A new Chandelier

I finally found a decent chandelier for the right price at Home Depot! The installation was a bit of a hassle though. The mounting rod was too short, so we went to ACE and bought a coupler to connect the short rod to the mounting rod from the old chandelier–not a good idea. Now the mounting rod was too long. We gave up and hubby moved on to cleaning up the backyard and I worked on some end tables that have been half done for weeks. Just as I got out all of my supplies, I realized that the mounting rod from the old chandelier was slightly longer than the new one…so I went inside to compare them. It was longer–by at least 1/4 inch–which was all we really needed! So I did the sensible thing and started mounting the chandelier by myself. Mounting a chandelier to the ceiling by yourself is a real pain. My wrists were sore, my neck was permanently kinked, and my shoulders were on fire. But I did it!

Transitional Chandelier

We still had a minor problem though. The entry still had no light fixture.  The Chandelier that I had such high hopes for was originally in the entry and this ugly thing was in the dining room.

chandelier 004

For about 2 weeks, we have had a hole with taped off wires sticking out of the ceiling in the entry.

The pendant that I originally wanted matched the new chandelier perfectly, but was not sold online or in any of the Home Depot stores within a 100 mile radius of me. So why do they even show it on their website?!? So, I bought one that I thought would work–at least according to the picture online.  When it finally arrived for pick-up at my Home Depot store I was so giddy with excitement.

When I got home and took the pendant out of the box, I was struck with irritation. The pendant was on some kind of pole. We have cathedral ceilings on the main level of our home–which seemed nice when bought the house. Never Ever again will we buy a house with cathedral ceilings.

This is the light fixture that I ordered:


I put it back in the box, and returned it to Home Depot.  I looked at all of their ceiling light fixtures.  The pendants and small chandeliers that would work with our ceiling were well beyond our budget–except for one.  I grabbed it without really looking at the box and took it home.

Day 11–Entry Light Fixture Nightmare Continues

I couldn’t wait to get started on the entry light. It was going to be beautiful.  I opened the box with excitement.  And then I screeched as if a bucket of ice water was dumped on my head.

This pendant is part of a track system. I don’t have the track system. What was I thinking?



Back to Home Depot and back to the drawing board.  In the meantime, I worked on the end tables that will soon become my nightstands.


Day 12: Back to the drawing board

Normally I am not a huge fan of Lowe’s.  I have several reasons–primarily the poor customer service at my nearest location.  But I decided to take a look at their website and see if they had a pendant or small chandelier that would work for my entry.  I hit the jackpot with their Portfolio Mini Pendants.  The pendant fixture is separate from the shade which allowed me to choose all of my finishes and shade design.  I went with the Aged Bronze finish on the pendant and the Scavo lamp shade. And I even received good customer service! I may be changing my mind about Lowe’s and will return in the near future.

While the hubby was at work, I installed the new pendant. It was simple and straightforward. Absolutely no bumps in my way.

And it is lovely.

IMG_20130823_184516 IMG_20130823_184516


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