From Drab To Fab: Days 5-8–Trunks, Budgets, and Life

It’s been a super busy week here at Casa Stevens. Here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to in my efforts to get this house done.

Day Five: Tuesday Touch Up

Most of the day was spent touching up the paint in the formal living and dining rooms.  I also worked on the vintage steamer trunk, which is coming along nicely. I started working on this on Sunday (Aug 11). It was tough work getting it prepped for priming.  Here is the before & after shot (of primer, not paint).

Already looking better with just a few coats of Primer

Day Six: Mom Duties Called

I had to take the entire day off to finish up my daughter’s school clothes shopping.  In all, it was the most pleasant day that I’ve had in at least two weeks.  She even found her homecoming dress on sale at the Goodwill for $10!

Day Seven: Project Budget and Number Crunching

I spent the majority of my day using Excel to create my itemized budget worksheet and virtual shopping lists (thanks Home Depot!).  Though it was time consuming, I broke each project down into categories and created expense columns which included projected costs, actual costs, and a column for the difference.  I made sure to include a good amount of money for incidentals in each category.  The hubby was pleased.  This way we will know exactly where we stand budget wise for each project. This should keep us on track and prevent us from running out of dough before we are done.

I also finished up the painting of the chandelier and bought a new chain for it.

Day Eight:  School Prep

Unfortunately, I had to take yet another day off from getting the house done.  At least sitting at the PC and working on the budget was a necessity for this overhaul of the house.  Friday was the day I got all my ducks lined up for my fall semester at UCCS.  Buying textbooks, turning in forms, and getting familiar with the campus (locating my classes) was in no means how meant to spend my Friday, but I’m glad I could check it off of my very long to-do list!

2 thoughts on “From Drab To Fab: Days 5-8–Trunks, Budgets, and Life”

  1. Hey…honestly, I have the same trunk except with a red strip over the top middle, we polished and kept the outside, but, definitely painted the inside, as the paper inside was deteriorated like yours…. then, threw in all my sons ty beanie baby’s, closed the trunk and its useful and looks fab !! I hope and looking forward to seeing the next post of this trunk painted..!!


    1. I really wanted to keep the exterior as close to the original as I could, but it was in such bad shape! It’s really hard to find a WWW II era trunk that is in good condition. I should have it done sometime next week. I was hoping to have it done this weekend, but I’ve had a lot of other things to get done, so he will just have to wait a bit. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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