Updated Rococo Style Vintage (70’s) Wall Mirror

I found this fantastic mirror at the thrift store for $6.99, but It was purple tag day, so it was marked 30% off! I just couldn’t pass it up! I had been wanting one for a long time to finish off a wall in my modern glam living room…and even Mr. Wallet couldn’t say no to $4.90.


The mirror and frame were extremely dusty, so my first step was to clean the whole thing.  First, I removed the mirror, then I sprayed a light solution of TSP (yes I know it’s bad stuff) over the frame and scrubbed all the crevices with a nylon brush. After thoroughly rinsing it, I set it in the sun to dry.

The next step in the project was priming.  I used short bursts with the spray.  I wanted to be very careful not to apply too much, as the primer and paint can pool up in the crevices.

I let the primer dry for 24 hours because We had a bit of a late afternoon thundershower which caused the humidity in the garage to rise.


It is already starting to look fabulous! Next up: High Gloss Black Spray Paint.

Two coats of this stuff, and it looks like the real deal!

Rococo Mirror
Rococo Mirror

Perfect fit for my modern glam wall.

Rococo Glam Wall
Rococo Glam Wall

I’d say it’s a pretty close match to my Inspiration Design Board.

OB-Modern Glam Liv Room

Just in case you forgot how ugly the mirror was here’s a lovely before and after photo.

Vintage Sewing Box

6 thoughts on “Updated Rococo Style Vintage (70’s) Wall Mirror”

    1. Glad I could remind you about that frame. I’ve seen similar styles retail for ridiculous prices in home decor stores. The best part is that I can always change the color to match any decor later on. I’m thinking of painting it turquoise when we move as my color scheme will completely change.


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