My youth is now “Vintage” and Trendy

ImageSo back in ’89/’90 I had almost the exact same outfit as pictured and now my 15 year-old daughter wants one. Brings back the memory of wearing bell bottoms and flow-y type tops (or other miscellaneous 70’s tops/vests) with clogs (they had REAL wood bases and REAL leather).

My mom looked at me decked out in my awesome thrift store threads and sighed.


Really, why would you wear that?” she inquired.

To which I simply replied, “Because it’s like totally cool, mom!”

So here I am. I’m now old enough to have a child call her high-waisted shorts “mom jeans” and digging through the endless thrift store racks for treasures of my past while listening to Madonna (the early years) and Cyndi Lauper on her MP3 player (because I refuse to buy the trendy i-gadgets).  I clearly remember “discovering” and falling in love with my mom’s Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel albums (on vinyl of course).


When did this happen? Was this always destined to be, or is my daughter just like totally cool?

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