Learning to Embrace My ADHD

I have found that though my ADHD can be (more often than not) a hinderance and a hurdle, it is what makes me who I am.  I tried meds about a year after my diagnosis (at age 36) but didn’t adjust well to them.  Though the meds did help with focus and staying organized, the meds also brought a more linear thought pattern.  I’ve always been the one who “thinks outside the box” and comes up with solutions to a problem after a super quick brainstorm.  I have also always been the one that can foresee possible problems with an idea or solution.  My mind works at lightning speed.  It meanders through a series of thoughts seemingly unrelated in a flash.  No more meds for me.  I like my meandering mind and my “quirky” ways.  However, when I need to focus on something that I dread I find that breaking the time spent on the hateful subject aids me well.  I just have to remember to set the timer to remind me that break time is over.

Hey did you know that WordPress has a “distraction free” writing mode? That’s my ADHD talking.  As soon as I finished the first paragraph of this post I thought: ” I wonder if I can change the font” and boom I started looking at all the options available.  Maybe next time I will use the “distraction free” mode.

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