Venture off the Tracks

Exciting things happen when you venture off the tracks.
Exciting things happen when you venture off the tracks.
We spent four fabulous nights and five beautiful days communing with nature…or rather playing in nature. We camped next to the Eagle River in Colorado where the old Central Railroad used to run. I spent several hours following along these tracks, but the real beauty and excitement happened only when I ventured off the tracks. I witnessed a hawk diving down to the tall grass to snatch his afternoon meal, I saw two blue jays perform an aerial love dance, and I saw a comical racoon playing with “cat and mouse” with a squirrel. And all I had on hand was a cell phone with a dying battery, a backpack with a notebook and my lunch, and a first aid kit. Of all the things I remembered to grab just before we left the house, why oh why wasn’t my camera one of them? Always remember that taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook will drain your battery faster than you realize.

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