Cursed for Her Birth

You smiled at me with a hateful grin,
Cursing my mother and my birth.
Childhood smells like rotting love,
Feels like living is a sin.

Searching and seeking for something,
Anything to fill the void
that was once my soul.
Dead inside, I could not feel

Until I found the one who loved me,
Who said he would never leave,
Never break my heart;
He would fill the void with his soul.

Three years I gave all I was
To the man who promised
To love and never hurt me,
While he sucked life from my eyes.

You loved him in spite of
The girl you were supposed to protect,
Choosing him over this precious child
Whose only desire was your love.

I watched as he disappeared
Into the bottle and the needle.
I gave him my every breath
While I gasped for air.

And yet you praised the son
That you wished you’d had;
The man who sucked life
From the girl you cursed for her birth.

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